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 Going solar is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

1.See what kind of potential your roof has. Sign up for a free solar assessment. 

2.Learn about tax credits and incentives (Spoiler alert – you can get 65% off the cost of a solar system). 

3. What makes your home a good fit for solar?

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What’s better than free stuff?

Free stuff that saves you money.

Sign up for a free Energy Saver Kit from the Energy Trust of Oregon and start your home energy upgrade with some LED light bulbs and low flow shower heads today (if you are a Pacific Power or Cascade Natural Gas customer). Your savings could reach up to $120!

Free Energy Saver Kit

The Bend Energy Challenge: $5 million. And change.

The Bend Energy Challenge is our community’s team in a nationwide energy-saving competition with a $5 million prize. That’s five million bucks that would fund projects to help our community save energy, embrace long-term livability and honor the land and lifestyle that make Bend, well, Bend. Learn more about the Energy Prize.

Map of Georgetown University Energy Prize competing cities

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The Energy Challenge of Central Oregon is a project of The Environmental Center, a Bend, Oregon, nonprofit organization whose mission is to embed sustainable thinking and behavior into daily life in Central Oregon. We seek to build a society that meets human needs equitably, lives within our planet’s ecological limits, and build a prosperous economy for all.