This is way more exciting than it sounds If you’re going to save money when you make home energy upgrades, wouldn’t it be nice to apply those savings directly to your financing payments? Well, it turns out someone out there is really trying to make saving energy as easy as possible. This is exactly what you can […]

Excellent motivation to jump on your energy-saving to do list before the end of the year Almost forty years ago Oregon was a leader in the energy efficiency movement when the state created the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) program. The Oregon Department of Energy has overseen this program with the intention of encouraging Oregon residents to […]

A Creative Path To Zero Energy for Two Small Homes The accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on this property is a powerhouse. Literally. The solar panels on the roof of this small one bed, one bath ADU, produce a “net positive” amount of energy. This means that it at the end of the year, this home […]

Conversations about indoor air quality have long been part of building an energy efficient home. Now, increasing concerns about mold, radon, carbon monoxide, other allergens, and wildfire smoke are driving more attention to indoor air quality. One way to improve indoor air quality is to build an airtight shell which will reduce how outside contaminants […]

A Homeowner’s Guide for Central Oregon Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs Did you know that you may be eligible for cash rebates and incentives when making energy saving improvements to your home? That’s right–cash back in your pocket for upgrading your windows, heating system and more!  Accessing local utility rebates is a great way to help […]

So what exactly is this assessment?  Sometimes they’re called home performance audit s, which doesn’t really make them sound fun.  Or perhaps you’re worried that making all the energy upgrades may be too costly and not in this year’s budget? Well rest assured no one, especially your home performance contractor, wants to scare you off. […]

    Site #7– 1090 NE Hobbs Ct, Bend. Energy and Solar Retrofit Home Performance Contractor: GreenSavers Solar Contractor: Sunlight Solar Sola Tube Contractor: Solar Light Owner: Mary Fay Original Energy Performance Score (EPS): 86 Post-Project EPS: 59 1733 Sq Ft This single level spec home was purchased prior to completion in 2013 and just goes to […]