Free energy assessments.  For local businesses. By local students. 

To help local, small businesses in the community save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, we’re providing free energy assessments through Green Impact Campaign!

Trained local university student volunteers will do the assessments, which cost nothing, take an average of 30 minutes, and show how you can easily save energy for your business. On average, the energy assessment can identify 25% in energy savings!

Focus areas for savings include: lighting, appliances, phantom loads, building envelope, heating/AC, water, and recycling.

To learn more about the free energy assessments offered to small businesses, check out our blog


Get Involved

If your business has fewer than 50 employees, and you are interested in finding out how to reduce your operating costs through energy efficiency with a FREE energy assessment, please contact Kim McClain at [email protected]or 541-385-6908 x12.