We now are installing in Redmond, Tumalo, and outside Bend city limits!

Through this program, The Bend Energy Challenge will install up to 16 LED bulbs in your home. We work with you to decide which are the most used lights in your home to give you the biggest bang for your buck. You can save over $100 on utility bills each year! Better yet, when we’re done, you won’t have to change them for 20 years!

For even bigger savings, we can also install water-saving fixtures such as high-pressure, efficient shower heads. 

Do you qualify?

This program is made possible through a collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon and Central Electric Cooperative (CEC). You must get your electricity from either Pacific Power or CEC.

Our team must install the light bulbs and can only replace incandescent bulbs (NO CFL bulbs) in single-family homes. We are required to install the bulbs because your utility wants to ensure that you start saving energy right away.

If you are in a multi-family home, we will connect you with resources to get a similar free LED installation through the Energy Trust of Oregon.

We are still installing in Bend and have added Redmond and Tumalo and outside city limits to the service area. To view our service area outside of Bend city limits in more detail, click on the map below.


Expanded LED installation service areas

Visit our LED FAQ page to get more information.

*In order to most efficiently schedule appointments, you will be asked which neighborhood you live in. If unsure of what Bend neighborhood you live in, please check this map so you can fill it in when you sign up.*

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