Our LED install program is in full swing and we wanted to help answer some of the questions you may have about the program.

Status Update:

How many installs have you completed?

 We have installed lights at 5,100 homes in Bend, Redmond, Tumalo, Sisters, Madras and Prineville!

What about those water fixtures?

You will be happy to know that we have over 4,800 high performance, water efficient shower heads and bathroom faucet aerators installed. These should save 10 million gallons of water per year!

Sign Up:

How do I sign up for the program?

Click HERE to Sign Up

I am having troubles with signing up: what should I do?

Please call 541-385-6908 X26 and we will get you enrolled.


I signed up a while ago. Did you forget about me or are you just really busy?

If you have not heard from us with a phone call or email link to online scheduling, please give us a call  541-385-6908 X26

I heard the program is ending. Is that true?

We are winding the program down, but do not yet have a hard cutoff date. Make sure to sign up now so we can get to you before THE END! We are still accepting sign ups for Pacific Power customers and will schedule you only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

All about the bulbs:

What bulbs do you install?

We are installing A19 (lamp style) LED bulbs, as well as BR30 (recessed can) LED bulbs. They use 85% less electricity to produce the same amount of light. We also have a 100 watt lamp style bulb, but this is ONLY for purchase.

What if I want more than 16?

We are now able to sell bulbs if you want more than 16. Ask the installer about cost and quantity.

Are those the bulbs that take a while to turn on?

No, our bulbs will turn on right away. Some of the older CFL type bulbs needed to warm up for a few seconds but you won’t have to worry about that with these bulbs.

Are those the bulbs that have mercury in them?

No, LED lights do not contain any hazardous materials.

Are they dimmable?

Most likely they will be. Our bulbs are built to be dimmable but some specialty dimmers don’t “play nice” with the LEDs. We will always double check to make sure your dimmers are compatible with our bulbs.

What about 3-way and motion sensors?

Unfortunately, our bulbs are not rated for these fixtures so we will not be able to install, but there are plenty of options available elsewhere.

Can you replace my specialty bulbs?

We don’t carry any bulbs beyond the A19 and BR30s, but there are LED alternatives for nearly all bulb shapes and types available elsewhere.

My Question Wasn’t Answered Here…What Should I do?

For any additional questions, please call or email me at [email protected] or call us at 541-385-6908 x26. We appreciate your patience with us and this great program, and look forward to meeting you soon!