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So what exactly is this assessment?  Sometimes they’re called home performance audits, which doesn’t really make them sound fun.  Perhaps you’re worried that making all the energy upgrades may be too costly and not in this year’s budget?

Rest assured no one, especially your home performance contractor, wants to scare you off. An energy assessment is a tool to help you identify areas of improvements for your home and most importantly help you prioritize the energy saving improvements in a logical and systematic fashion.

An energy assessment is a series of diagnostic for your home–just think of it as scheduling a house call from the doctor, for your house. After gathering more than 100 points of data, your home performance contractor is going to identity what improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck. If you live in an older home this list might be extensive, but you can move at your own pace and budget when deciding to make these improvements.

After your assessment, you will know where your home sits compared to the new energy standards and high performing homes.  While the contractor is at your house, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to help you better understand both the assessment process.

After the home performance assessment you can expect to receive a report and corresponding bid for any of the suggested improvements. This bid will outline the cost of those improvements as well as any utility rebates and tax credits you can expect back. In some cases the utility rebates may cover anywhere from 10 – 20% of the cost of the upgrades. Not all homes and every proposed upgrade will be eligible for a rebate. It is also important to remember that rebates can change during the course of a year.

The biggest goal of an energy assessment, is just to understand how your home is using and losing energy. Moving forward, this allows you to make educated decisions about home improvements so that you can make the best decisions for your family’s health and comfort.

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 What’s all the hype about? 

Here are 6 reasons to get an energy assessment right now!

1. It will save you money. It does and more so than you might think! You’ll continue to save money for as long as you own the home. With an energy audit, you’ll find out how your home is wasting heated air in the winter, and cooled air in the summer.

2. It will increase your home’s value. Buyers are very savvy these days and are looking for homes that have the lowest operating costs.

3. Identify potential health and safety issues. A detailed energy assessment will include information about your home’s indoor air quality, which can be a contributing factor to health issues you may not even be aware of. If you have leaky ducts that are not functioning properly, you and your family may be exposed to dust, mold and mildew that can affect your respiratory health. You’ll also learn if gas leaks or carbon monoxide are issues because of leaky pipes or malfunctioning appliances.

4. It will protect the environment. Did you know that 16% of greenhouse gases generated in the US come from residential homes? If your home is more energy efficient you can do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. It will prevent future damage to your home. Fix smaller problems now, like faulty ventilation, and you can avoid damage to your home and big-ticket repairs.

 6. You will have a detailed Action Plan. A complete energy assessment will always include a detailed action plan that can serve as your blueprint for you to start saving energy and money.

 Let’s talk about the money–Cash incentives

Those who are served by Cascade Natural Gas and Pacific Power are going to be tapping into the Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives. If you are a Central Electric Coop (CEC) customer and heat your home with electricity, your incentives come from CEC. If you are a CEC customer and heat with gas, then the Energy Trust incentives above apply to you. These rebates are available for homes built before 1992 that are electrically heated.

Homes heated with Cascade Natural Gas or Pacific Power

Windows Heat Pumps
  • $0.25 per square foot: Attic/ceiling
  • $0.30 per square foot: Floor, wall, knee wall, rim joist
  • $0.50 per linear foot: Boiler pipe
  • $4 per square foot of windows installed, U-Value 0.27 or less
  • ·$1.75 per square foot of windows installed, U-Value 0.28–0.30
  • Ducted: $250 – $700
  • Ductless: $800 per residence, for homes replacing electric resistance heat
Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Water Heater Smart Thermostats
  • $150 – $250 for fireplaces with electronic pilot ignition.
  • Additional $100 bonus when installed by May 31st, 2016.


  • $100 gas tank, 0.67 energy factor, EF, or greater, must be ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • $300 heat pump water heater, Tier 2 or 3
  • $150  heat pump water heater, Tier 1 (55 gallons or less)
  • $50 for Nest Learning Thermostat. You must heat your home with a forced-air furnace or ducted heat pump with an electric forced air furnace.
Check here for more qualifying incentives.


Homes heated by CEC

Windows & Doors Insulation Duct Sealing & Repair
  • $ 3.00 per square foot of window area to replace wood, or metal, framed windows.
  • $40.00 per pre-hung Energy Star qualified door to replace un-insulated exterior doors.


  • $ 0.30 per square foot of ceiling insulated.
  • $ 0.45 per square foot of floor insulated.
  • $ 0.50 per square foot of wall insulated.
  • $250.00 per heating system for duct sealing.


Air Sealing Heat Pumps Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • $ amount varies by residence for air sealing.
  • $300 – $500
For additional rebates please visit the Central Electric Cooperative website.


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Meet our local Home Performance Contractors

Green Savers

Green Savers Home Performance Contractors

We are home performance contractors. We do the kind of improvements that make your house more comfortable, more energy efficient, and healthier to live in. We do heating, cooling weatherization, window, insulation, and even solar! These upgrades also increase the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint. Our whole-house approach starts with an extensive home energy audit. GreenSavers looks at four areas of your home’s performance: doors and windows, energy usage systems, insulation integrity, and indoor air quality. And when the work is done, GreenSavers takes care of all the forms that need to filled out and submitted, making sure you receive all of the rebates, savings and tax credits you’re qualified for as the homeowner.

For more information contact: 

Neil Kelly Company

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Neil Kelly Company is a family-owned, design-build general contractor specializing in residential remodeling, custom new homes, energy retrofits, and solar installation. A certified B-Corporation, Neil Kelly is committed to its employees, the community, to quality design and construction practices, and to environmental sustainability. The firm’s Lake Oswego office was the first LEED building in the western US. Neil Kelly’s Home Performance and Solar Division has retrofitted hundreds of northwest homes resulting in saving the equivalent carbon of taking 200 cars of the road in 2014 alone.

For more information, contact:
Steve Coughran
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