There’s no secret sauce to hot water. Just add heat and you’re ready to shower and wash your dishes. Hot water is hot water. There are however, different tools to get the job done.

Reliable hot water is something we depend on day in and day out. Why not use the best tool to get it done?

What is a heat pump water heater? 

Heat pump or hybrid electric water heaters use electricity to move heat rather than generating heat from scratch. It’s the same idea as your refrigerator, which moves hot air out of the fridge. A heat pump water heater moves heat from the air into coils inside the water tank and transfer heat your water. All that is to say, that they’re super efficient and use two to three times less energy than a standard electric water heater to make the exact same hot water.

With programmable settings, heat pump water heaters provide you with more control, making sure you always get hot water when your family needs it the most. They also come with a 10-year warranty while many standard water heaters average 6 years.

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